Personal Injury

Personal Injury Litigation can procedurally difficult and all together complex. Most of the process involves dealing with insurance companies that can be intimidating and burdensome. Our office has handled many personal injury claims and our staff is experienced in navigating the procedural requirements of the claims process.

Insurance companies are often reluctant pay the full amount of claims requested, and will take advantage of claimants who are not familiar with the claims process. If you are injured, let our experience get you ALL of the money you deserve.

Civil Litigation

Often times, citizens who never intended to need a lawyer, find themselves in the midst of civil disputes as a result of some form of damages they have sustained from another party. Whether these damages are intentional or unintentional, these disputes require the procedural assistance of the Courts to reach a resolution.

If you find yourself in need of litigation assistance, it is important to know the law, as well as the procedural rules in which the law is applied. When you need experienced lawyers on your side of courtroom, let our lawyers work for you.

Estate Planning & Real Estate Transactions

The thought of our own mortality, or what to do in the event of the loss of a loved one, is not something anyone wants to think about. The lack of desire to deal with these matters are often what leads families to poor Estate Planning, which can be burdensome on your loved ones. Proper Estate Planning can give you and your family the peace of mind that a plan is in place, and in accordance with Kentucky Law.

Medicare/Medicaid Recovery & Federal False Claims Defense

State and Federal governments are increasingly seeking to recover payments made to individuals and corporations for medical services rendered.   We represent the corporations and individuals that performed these services and earned the payments from the government.   Often in these, cases the government has access to an abundance of resources; therefore, individuals and corporations are at an immediate disadvantage.

The experience that our firm has with these types of cases is necessary to battle the state and local government.   Extensive preparation and knowledge of the issues is necessary to present a strong case against the government.   Our firm can meet with you provide assistance in preparation for administrative hearings, board hearings, or civil suits, and guide you through this process.   It is necessary for early representation to present the best case possible and create the most optimal outcome.


Generalized Legal Practitioners

Here at Thompson & Thompson, the community around us allows us to have a very diverse legal practice. While we claim to specialize in the areas of personal injury, civil litigation, and estate planning & real estate services, our attorneys and staff are fully equipped and capable of handle most every legal matter which you might incur. We encourage anyone who is need of a lawyer for ANY legal matter to contact our office and schedule a free consultation so our attorneys can work for you, or help you find the right lawyer for your needs.